The Cooking Club - Branding & Website

The Brief:

To create a brand and website for The Cooking Club, a new concept in food education. The aim of the club is to educate children about healthy eating from 4 years of age upwards.

The Solution:

The Cooking Club is a fun place where children can learn about nutrition and make recipes from scratch. In a time when childhood obesity is on the increase The Cooking Club are attempting to help educate children on the importance of nutrition.

It was crucial to match the ethos of the Club with a vibrant brand that children would engage with and parents would have confidence in.

The resulting solution focuses on a strong colour palette and a playful use of typography, with recognizable icons forming the centre of both of the letter 'O'. As the main target are parents, the business card was designed as an appointment card with a recipe included to allow the parents to participate in their child's newly learned skills.

Check out the site here:

This project has also been accepted into the 100 Archive - a permanent collection for design.