Electric Picnic 2015 - Original Typeface for Wayfinding

The Brief: 

To create high impact signage to fit into the ethos of Cloghjordan's Eco Village at Electric Picnic. An event they have been part of since the very beginning and one which would not be the same with this essential craft and ecological area! The Eco Village bring the family atmosphere to the event with a range of activities for all ages throughout the weekend.





The Solution:

In order to represent the 30+ stands, stalls and business owners I created a typeface that could be laser-cut and versatile enough to allow for decoration should the client wish to paint/spray/glitter etc!! The typeface had to be extremely legible at distances but also in some way reference the craft- based ethos of the village which spans the entire length of the festival. Therefore a connected face that relied on a frame was constructed. It mirrors the idea of those plastic pop out toys children of the 80's used to delight in.  The counters are closed or connected to the stem of the individual glyphs in a very industrial way. Flags and patterns were also created for the laser cutter to provide guidance and way-finding through the space.