Electric Picnic 2014 - Festival Design

The Brief

The brief was to create a space that acted as an information hub to find out about the variety of activities and events happening in the Global Green space at Electric Picnic 2014. The Global Green are the alternative festival option for many, they promote a variety of sustainable businesses that are based in the Cloghjordan Eco Village. 

The Solution

In order to create a space that people wanted to gather at we had to encourage people to come in and chill and enjoy the atmosphere. Therefor the 'What's Up Hut' was born.

In keeping with the ethos of the sustainable businesses in the Global Green, only reclaimed material (destined for landfill) was used. The set was created using wool, donated palettes shaped into furniture, donated tees and jeans for cushioning and tables, and a whole lot of help.

The entire project took 3 months from planning, to making and execution. Take a look at the videos to get a sense of what was created. Super project to work on!