Pots of Pleasure Packaging

The Solution

Core values of the brand centre around pleasure & fun, with a strong use of sustainable ingredients (which are largely locally sourced) and recyclable packaging. The illustration was created based on the many activities associated with Kenmare. The town is full of pleasurable pursuits from horse riding and cycling to hiking and has an outstanding food and dining culture. The Kerry lily (a protected wild flower) is depicted on the front of pack and the vibrant buildings Kenmare is know for inspired the colour palette. Throughout the packaging there is the use of pen & ink illustrations to add to the authenticity of the hand made nature of the product. Included in these are a fun dairy icon and the framing around the picture of the producers is adorned with a ski mask - a nod to Thos Foley's Olympic Ski racing past!

The Brief

PYRO is an existing cafe brand based in Kenmare, Kerry and run by the dynamic partners Sophie & Thos Foley. His passion for food production came from working with food hero, Maura Foley, his mom; Founder of Kenmare Restaurants; The Purple Heather, The Lime Tree and Packie’s Food and Wine. The pair decided to launch a range of luxury desserts under the brand name Pots of Pleasure. Key to differentiation for the product was to link the brand to the local heritage of Kenmare and its locally available produce. The product has since been accepted into the Super Valu Food Academy Programme for local producers. Their full story is here.