POW WOW Brand Bible

The Brief

The Solution

The Bible was created using the beautiful stills from the animation studio. The challenge was to creatively direct the piece to show the depth of each character. The theme of Ship Antics is that of irreverence, silliness and fun. Each character was given their own section within the bible to allow the viewer to fully explore the the frivolity of each character. Each character has a distinct part to play in the overall game & animation and it was key to highlight these. One of the main challenges was to ensure that the bible worked for an adult audience, as the children would likely never see this. A playful composition throughout helps to create pace through the bible and strong colour and graphic shapes hold most of the essential text areas. 

POW WOW Studios are a animation & trans-media company who create engaging and fun games and APPs for a variety of audiences, namely children. The brief was to create a brand bible that described the individuality of the characters in the animation. The animation and characters are created by POW WOW Studios and has been developed into a game & APP.

Copyright of all imagery shown belongs to POW WOW Studios