Creative Confidence from @IDEO (Tom & David Kelley) #OneBookPerMonth

Isbn 978-0-00813938-4

Isbn 978-0-00813938-4

While many of you I know are avid readers sometimes with work commitments I can go several weeks without the company of a good book. While not a fan of the NY resolution, and since reading about Mark zuckerbergs resolution last year - to read a book every two weeks- I have decided to join re ranks in the hope that the commitment will ensure I carve out time in my day for my favorite pastime. Reading! 

I am however being less ambitious and am looking to read a new book per month and am very happy to take suggestions, chat about the book without starting a book club (which has never had much appeal to me).  

So my kick off for the year was the best seller Creative Confidence by the founders of IDEO Tom and David Kelley. 

I have long since known of the work they have done with the and their innovation workshops. However I had yet to read any of their books.  

The book takes you on a journey to explain, develop, challenge and ultimately aims that you engage in all/any persuits with creative confidence. This is delivered through a series of brief case studies from their clients that read more like annecdotes.  

While having a good grasp of design thinking through teaching and practice, I found some of the tools on the book made me think about iterating my approach. I think that a book that makes you reevaluate or improve is a must-read for all professionals. Not just designers. Some of the points are of course preaching to the choir !! but the audience for the book is, in my opinion Non-designers. That being said, an interesting read that has sparked lots of ideas for my growing list of personal projects! 

Please feel free to comment or suggest a book for Feb.